Over 55 : Champion Neil Harrison with Dave Lumsdon

Gallery Pictures from 2014 Masters Championships

Over 45 : Champion Ian Williams with Darren Nalton

Over 50 : Champion Peter Lonsdale with Colin Sheilds

Over 65 :  Champion Peter Wharton with Bill Leaver

Some Winners and finalists up in the Plate competition

Pictures taken from semi-finals and early rounds

Any of these pictures can be copied by right clicking your mouse over the image you require and choosing “save image as”. Then open a file where you want to save it on your computer.

If you want the original ( larger size ) sending, email your request to info@dcsm.co.uk

Over 40 : Champion Mark Hockborn with Graeme Downs

Over 60 : Champion Kevin Dryden with Leon Kirton

Over 70 : Dave Armstrong with Champion John Shaw

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Ladies 35’s : Champion Krissy Burkin with Joanne Hilton

Ladies 40’s Racketball Champion Karen Clark with Steph Thomas

Over 35 : Champion Yawar Abass with Andy Cross

Ladies 40’s Round Robin : Champion Alison Hood with Karen Clark and Linda Colby

Racketball Over 35 : Champion Tim Clark with Tim Scott

Racketball 45’s : Champion Peter Lonsdale with Chris Hunter

I Wish I was as good as these guys

Let me out. This is boring